Holy Cross Ministries

The organizational chart above is a recent document that has evolved over the past year and is a necessary element for any program church. It is the result of many interviews with ministry leaders, employed staff, vestry members, and others with a role in decisionmaking at Holy Cross. It is meant to be organic and to change as we add or delete ministries or change leaders, but it defines how we serve the parish and community and the roll-up process for decisionmaking and budget tracking. Holy Cross ministries are grouped into five categories—Worship, Learning and Formation, Management and Operations, Service, and Community—in support of the areas of work in the church. The structure is intended to provide opportunities for cooperative initiatives and a robust leadership group without unnecessarily burdening individuals.

More than a hundred ministries flourish at Holy Cross. Each has its own unique set of duties, processes, and responsibilities but all are in close communication with the Vestry and Clergy. Clear leadership from a strategically focused Vestry allows appropriate autonomy at the ministry and committee level. The Vestry assists as necessary in short- and long-term planning, budgeting and resource allocation, and transitions in committee leadership.

The Vestry

Twelve elected members make up our Vestry, which is led by the Rector, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden. The Vestry’s primary responsibility is to articulate the vision of Holy Cross and to lead the church strategically toward the fulfillment of that vision. Selection of new Vestry members is by lottery; that is, the names of all pledging (time or money) members who are in good standing in the parish are put in a hat, and names are drawn during the October Vestry meeting. The Senior Warden then contacts each of those parishioners in the order drawn to see if he or she will serve. Once all slots are filled, the nominations go to the congregation for approval. Because we value gender balance, we ensure that at least one-third of the vestry members are male (or female). We accept self-nominations for no more than two new members. Members commit to a three-year term, but shorter terms are sometimes available if a member resigns.

The culture of our Vestry has always been one in which decisions are made on a consensus basis rather than a majority-rule vote. We pride ourselves on the process of listening first, analyzing second, and, with prayerful thought, finally reaching agreement. We take time and care to ensure that any Vestry member who does not agree with the majority can present his or her view and can have a voice. The respect and care we have for each other will always come before the prideful need for “being right” in making difficult decisions.

Budget History

Holy Cross Members

Pledging History

Holy Cross Members

2013 Statistics

Average Sunday Attendance: 175
Easter Attendance: 433
Burials: 3
Marriages: 1
Blessing of Civil Unions: 1
Baptisms: 5
Received by Bishop: 6
Church School Students enrolled: 42
Active Baptized Members: 481
Communicants in Good Standing: 369
Communicants in Good Standing less than 16 years of age: 68